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USAA doesn’t just sell insurance, it’s mission is to foster the financial health of all military families. The founder actively sought to improve life for military families across the board.


Military moms and dads go about their day or spend time with their family with smiles on their faces. We know what it means to serve – USAA


Why Our Members Plan To Stay For Life – A dad is spending time with his family and arranging for his car to be picked up, while the narrator shows us the life behind his auto-insurance number, as well as pictures of his service. 92% plan to stay for life – USAA


Family Members Give Thanks to Their Servicemen – Auto Insurance – Family members thank the various service members before the narrator tells us about the auto-insurance offers for military members. – USAA


Recruits are sworn in as we clips of various members of the military carry out their duty, interspersed with emotional moments of of all who dared to take this oath.

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