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Understanding Behavioral Finance Biases: Why Your Stubborn

Why does our stubborn brain tend to stick with a current choice, even when we know it’s a mediocre performer? Learn about the powerful draw of “status quo bias” and two tactics for breaking free.

Learning Behavioral Finance Biases: Status Quo Bias Example

Why does our stubborn brain tend to stick with a current choice, even when we know it’s a mediocre performer? Learn about the powerful draw of “status quo bias” and two tactics for breaking free.

Finance Psychology Best Practices: Why Everyone Needs a Mentor

Why do top-of-their-game experts still actively seek out advice? Because all of us (even experts) are blind to our own misjudgments.

Understanding Behavioral Finance Biases: How to Make Money Conversations Less Threatening

Talking about frightening topics like insurance and estate planning triggers our fight or flight response. Learn brain science tactics for discussing threatening topics without scaring people off.

Why Your Brain Often Slips Up When Making Big Decisions – Understanding Finance Psychology

Most of our decision making is done with our subconscious brain. Learn how our brain can slip up and make an impetuous choice without us ever realizing it.

The #1 Reason Your Brain Makes Bad Money Choices – Finance Psychology

Learn how to recognize and shut down a foolish money choice before it happens.

How to Use Finance Psychology to Make More Accurate Predictions About Your Future

The future isn’t something we passively predict. It’s something we actively build. Learn why our brain is so bad at predicting the future choices we’ll make.

How to use Finance Psychology to be More Persuasive

Persuasion is where facts and charm meet to form a powerful story. Learn a handy tip for being more persuasive everyday.

Fear or Praise? What’s the Right Mix for Optimal Motivation

What’s the better motivator? The carrot or the stick? Learn how to be more persuasive by skillfully using both fear and praise.

How Fear Effects Our Decision Making Abilities

When we’re afraid, our brain doesn’t act rationally – it acts instinctually. Learn how fearful times affect our ability to make a good choice.

Why Our Brain Is So Bad At Making Money Decisions

Why are decisions about money so difficult? Learn the ways your brain is most likely to slip up when making financial choices.

The Smartest Way to Learn How to Invest

Want to pick more winning investments? New brain science research reveals the most effective ways to learn about the world of money.

Men vs Women. Who Makes the Best Investing Decisions?

Researchers compared the investing habits of men vs women. Learn the surprising bad habits each of the sexes is most likely to use.

Why Emotional Marketing Is So Effective

New neuroscience research reveals the two ad components that do the best job grabbing and holding attention.

5 Tactics for Smarter Money Choices

Learn five ways to up the odds of successfully changing a bad habit.

What is the Dunning Kruger Effect Definition?

Learn to recognize the cognitive bias that inflates our ego and lures us to believe our abilities are exceptional.

The Brain Science Guide to Better Negotiating

How the best negotiators win using the behavioral science tactic of “anchoring.”

The Biggest Mistake Your Brain Makes When It Judges Others

Learn how the cognitive bias called “representativeness bias” causes your brain to overgeneralize. Find out specific ways you can overcome it.

How Fear Warps Investing Decisions

Think you’re good at keeping your cool under pressure? Learn the specific ways your brain morphs reality when it’s afraid.

Cognitive Biases that Lure us to Make Foolish Money Choices

Our brain takes some disturbing judgment shortcuts when it decides whom to trust. Learn how the “Halo Effect” can trick us into trusting the wrong people.

Women Discrimination in Finance

New research reveals one of the ugliest secrets from the world of finance.

What is Status Quo Bias?

Why do so many people stick with bad options even when better choices are available? Learn how “status quo bias” powerfully lures us to double down on bad choices.

How Your Brain Makes Money Decisions

How do human beings make decisions? We gather the facts, then make our choice, right? Think again.

Which is More Powerful: Reason vs Instinct?

Watch this wickedly clever ad and learn more about the instincts that drive our decision making.

The Purchases that Make Us Most Happy

New brain science research is revealing the specific purchases that give us the most pleasure for the buck. Learn the things you’ll want to put on your shopping list to maximize enjoyment.

3 Tactics for Avoiding Stereotyping 

We fight it, but our brain is a non-stop stereotyping machine. Learn how a tricky cognitive bias called the “representativeness heuristic” lures us to make impetuous decisions

Why We Misjudge Our Chance of Winning

Learn how a wily cognitive bias called “category size bias” causes us to misjudge our chances of success.

4 Brain Hacks to Improve Your Odds of Success

New brain research reveals pretty much all of us are terrible planners. But there’s hope. Learn four smart ways to shut down a cognitive bias called “the planning fallacy”.

The Brain Bias that Causes Us to Trust the Wrong People

Why are we so quick to trust some people we hardly know? Part of the problem is a crafty cognitive bias called the “halo effect.”

Four Brain Science Insights to Help Groups Make Smarter Decisions

Why do large groups tend to make such terrible decisions? Learn four tactics to help groups make smarter choices.

The Most Important Thing Missing from Most Retirement Plans

New research on the biggest mistakes most of us make when saving for retirement.

How the “Beauty Bias” Costs You Money

We have ageism, sexism, racism, and a host of other “isms.” Now learn about one of your brain’s most powerful discriminations…the beauty bias.

How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Invest

Has the pandemic rollercoaster ride made us more or less responsible with money? The latest research on the new ways we’re spending and saving.

Two Key Traits of Companies That Thrive During Troubled Times

Some companies weather a crisis and others go belly up. Learn the two key characteristics of companies that thrive during troubled times.

The misguided reasons your brain doesn’t fear the biggest dangers

Surprisingly, the things we fear most are NOT the things that usually kill us. Learn the surprising reasons your brain is afraid of the wrong things.

How Financial Storytelling Can Motivate Us to Save More

How can financial storytelling motivate us to save more? Economics speaker Graeme Newell shows you the power of storytelling and how it can both motivate us and also lead us astray

The Brain Science Bias That Tricks Us To Pay Too Much

Learn how a cognitive bias called “anchoring” dramatically alters our perception of value and can cause us to overpay.

The Weird Reason Your Brain Sticks with a Losing Choice

Why do we stick with a losing choice? Learn about the cognitive bias that motivates us to be loyal, but blinds us to our own bad choices.

Which Purchases Make Our Brain Most Happy?

Why do so many expensive purchases end up disappointing us? New brain science is revealing the types of purchases that give us the most long-term happiness.

When Are We Most Vulnerable to Bad Money Choices?

Why do we make so many bad choices? Human evolution didn’t optimize our brain to solve modern problems, it optimized for basic survival. Learn the specific situations when your caveman brain is most likely to make a bad choice.

Expensive Wedding or Cheap Wedding? Which is Best? 

How much should spend on a wedding? New research reveals the best amount to spend.

Use Brain Science to Make Saving Easier

Learn how to use the cognitive bias called “temporal discounting” to save more…painlessly.

What IKEA Can Teach You About Investing

Learn about the cognitive bias that’s the secret to IKEA’s huge success.

Why So Many Entrepreneurs are Lousy Investors

Learn how overconfidence bias keeps business owners & entrepreneurs out of the market.

How Brain Science & Emotion Make Us Buy

Learn new ways marketers are using emotion and brain science to trigger buying decisions.