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VSP Global is a social entrepreneurship company

A Social Entrepreneurship Company
VSP Global is a not for profit social entrepreneurship company. It specializes in providing free eye care for those who cannot otherwise afford it. Employee volunteers go into local communities in mobile eye labs. Each mobile eye lab contains the technology needed to conduct eye exams.

The employees of VSP Global give their time and energy as volunteers. They provide eyeglasses and preventative care to people in the neighborhoods they serve. The program is called Eyes of Hope. To date, VSP has donated more than $175 million worth of eye care and corrective lenses. The program has helped more than one million participants so far.

More Than the Eye Can See

VSP focuses on eye care in part because an eye exam can reveal many dangerous health conditions. Better vision is not the only health outcome that is possible. For example, glaucoma, diabetes, and high blood pressure can all be indicated and discovered during an eye exam. Of course, a new pair of glasses can be vital to someone seeking a new job or just needing to get through each day. Untreated eye problems can severely limit a person’s ability to succeed.

Eyes of Hope uses social entrepreneurship to promote more healthy lifestyles. People in neighborhoods served by Eyes of Hope also appreciate the experience of having their eyes checked. The volunteers give those served their full attention, listening to their stories and attempting to understand them better.

Fulfilling the Mission

Eyes of Hope provides disaster relief services, but also goes into communities unaffected by disaster. Their mission is to provide affordable, accessible, high-quality eye care to the world. VPS Global continues to do this through its social entrepreneurship ideals and its many volunteer events. The company is able to fulfill its mission, and the individual employees are able to be part of that mission.

The recipients of eye care in each community enjoy a greater quality of life and better health outcomes. VPS Global and its Eyes of Hope program are great examples of social entrepreneurship in action. They are a vital and much-needed social entrepreneurship company.

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VSP Global mission.

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VSP Global companies collaborated with the Brien Holden Vision Institute and Optometry Giving Sight to open a new eye health clinic at the Nike Football Training Centre in Soweto.

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A story of a VSP Global employee Renee who has a low vision impairment and how VSP Global aims to help these kinds of people see.”Video description goes here”

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VSP Global employee Connie Vavricek shares her very personal journey to establishing the VSP Mobile Eyes program and her vision for the future of Eyes of Hope.

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NFL player Von Miller founded Von’s Vision to give Denver kids the gift of sight. In July 2015, he partnered with VSP Mobile Eyes, an Eyes of Hope program, to provide access to no-cost eye exams and glasses for 241 children and their family members at STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside Campus.

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