Graeme Newell

Women Are Wonderful Effect

Studies clearly show that women are more environmentally conscious than men, volunteer more, and commit fewer crimes. Both men and women believe that women are more admirable, but putting women up on a moral pedestal, has a real downside. 

Unconventional Women Get Punished

Women who prosper in unconventional power roles often face retaliation. Excellence is misinterpreted as supremacy. Powerful women still make many people uncomfortable. Strong and capable female politicians continually struggle with a “likability” bias. Decisive men are “strong leaders,” but strong women are “pushy.”

Feminized Sectors Become Devalued

Studies show that when women enter a profession, pay rates tend to fall. Another example, if attentive parenting is seen as girly, men are more likely to shun parental responsibility because it might signal diminished masculinity. 

The fact that women are 30% more likely to volunteer becomes a self-fulfilling loop.

It Excuses Masculine Misbehavior

Implicit in the goodness of women is the naughtiness of men. Men can transgress freely because the misconduct is seen as “part of their nature.” This “boys will be boys” attitude excuses men to utilize selfish, rude, and often brazen tactics to perpetuate dominance. Similar tactics would be seen as “unladylike” for women.

So let’s all agree, that women are wonderful, but if we want a more just world, all of us need to believe that men should be wonderful too.